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Computer Lab

Welcome to The Computer Lab!


This year in the computer lab we are focused on teaching computer literacy and typing skills, building on what the students have learned in the previous year. Students will improve their typing skills by completing class assignments using Microsoft Word, and will learn how to use several other computer programs including Microsoft PowerPoint, how to use Google search to perform classroom-related research, and more. 

Our goal is to give students a solid platform on which to build their computer and technological knowledge in the following years so that they can become safe, educated, and responsible computer users who are ready to move on to middle school.

The skills taught in the computer lab vary depending on the student's grade level. 

In the computer lab, 

- Pre-K and Kindergarten use and to learn Phonics, basic mouse skills, and basic typing skills.

- Kindergarten through 5th Grade play educational games that align with what the students are currently learning in the classroom. 

- 1st Grade through 5th Grade use Type to Learn 4 to practice typing, and Microsoft Word to apply their skills and complete classroom assignments.

- 3rd Grade through 5th Grade use Google Docs to apply their skills and complete classroom assignments in the cloud to prepare them for the road ahead in middle school and beyond.

- Students are NEVER left unsupervised while using the internet and are only permitted to visit the websites on our Websites For Kids page, and specific other websites chosen by their teacher, after agreeing to the LAUSD Responsible Use Policy.

Computer Lab
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